Astrid's Travel Diary
Map Colombia
Astrid Froment New Business Acceleration Leader Pernod Ricard Headquarters
Josefina Klinger Founder of an eco-lodge Nuquí, Colombia

"The sense of community in Colombia is fascinating"

Astrid's Travel Diary

Conviviality is: 

“The magic in living together.” 

And conviviality at work: 

“Sharing informal moments whenever possible outside the office with my team and external partners.” 

Your top conviviality spots:

“The dance festival in Nuquí. After a few minutes surrounded by traditional folk dancers, we were replicating the moves to the delight of the villagers.” 

An unforgettable moment: 

“Seeing Josefina’s entrepreneurial work with the families near Nuquí, in a wilderness that looked like the end of the earth! She’s brought life to an amazing local initiative.” 

Something inspiring from your trip: 

“The sense of community that comes from gathering all generations together to build a better life for their village. Ecotourism has contributed to teaching kids to respect their environment: the jungle!”


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