BATTLEGROUND #4: Valuing our people

Our company is about people as much as products. We want to continue to inspire the collective commitment of our 19,140 employees, empowering them to go the extra mile, achieve results that go beyond the bottom line and create value within all the local communities across our ecosystem. To share the value we create, in 2019 Pernod Ricard launched its first employee share ownership plan, "Accelerate". The high take-up rate demonstrates employees’ conviction in the company and directly aligns them with its performance. 

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our people

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Accelerate, putting employees at the heart of our performance

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In 2019, we launched our first employee share ownership plan, “Accelerate.” This initiative supports our strategy of investing in sustainable and profitable long-term growth for all stakeholders – beginning with our employees. It is a reflection of the ‘Pernod Ricard Mindset,’ that drives each of our 19,140 employees, our own ‘Créateurs de convivialité,’ to excel at their work1

The exceptional commitment and mindset of our Créateurs de convivialité has been key to Pernod Ricard’s success. Our employees play a critical role in the Group’s transformation, driving the redefinition of our work practices and our digital acceleration. 

To mark a new chapter in Pernod Ricard’s collective history, we wanted to directly link employees to the Group’s success. Loyal to our company’s core values, we believe that aligning employee interests with those of our management and shareholders reinforces an environment of mutual trust and individual responsibility. 

"Over 50 years ago, our founder, Paul Ricard, established pioneering profit-sharing opportunities for employees. This new employee share ownership plan maintains this tradition by placing the concept of sharing at the heart of our business model and performance.”

Géraldine Noel, Compensation, Benefits & International Mobility Director at Pernod Ricard

The name of our employee share ownership plan – “Accelerate” – was chosen to mirror the “Transform & Accelerate” strategic plan we launched in July  2018. It allows employees to buy shares in Pernod Ricard at a discounted rate with a five-year vesting period. Thus truly turning our collective success into individual success. 

For the first edition of “Accelerate”, 18 Pernod Ricard markets were invited to participate in the programme, thereby involving nearly 14,000 employees – accounting for three quarters of the Group’s total workforce. The initiative was a huge success, even in countries where employee shareholder plans are far from commonplace, such as in India and China, where record levels of enrolment were attained (76% and 48% respectively). Subscription rates exceeded 60% in many countries, with an average of 41.5% overall – unusually high for this type of plan and demonstrative of the pride and confidence that our teams take in their work. These figures place the Group amongst the best-performing players in the field according to the French Federation of Employee Shareholder Associations (Fédération Française des Associations d’Actionnaires Salariés). 

(1) I Say survey, July 2019. Willis Towers Watson.


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