Our strategy: "Transform & Accelerate"

At Pernod Ricard, conviviality is more than our profession, it’s our driving purpose. Bringing people together to share authentic, meaningful moments of conviviality was a guiding principle for our founders and this vision continues today to inspire the Group’s 19,140 employees. As ‘Créateurs de convivialité,’ Pernod Ricard seeks to ensure that each of our Brands are at the heart of every social occasion; and in doing so, we will achieve our ambition of becoming the world leader in the wine & spirits industry. Our three-year strategic plan “Transform & Accelerate”, whose first year is reaching its end, defines our priorities for achieving this ambition.

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transform and accelerate

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Our priority : our consumers

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Consumers remain our obsession. Understanding their evolving wants and needs and the trends impacting these is critical. Today’s consumer landscape is radically changing, shaped by a number of forces. A new ‘connected’ consumer is emerging, who is thirsty for a sense of purpose and new experiences. There is widespread concern about globalisation, leading to a rise in protectionism and a focus on all things local. In newer markets, rapid economic development is dramatically expanding the base of middle-class and affluent consumers, changing consumption patterns. All over the world, technology is transforming consumer behaviour, which is disrupting traditional relationships between businesses and customers and requires inventing new types of engagement.

These changes that affect consumers and their modes of consumption have a direct impact on our business: our proximity to consumers is essential to ensure our decisions reflect their motivations. Equally, the rapid pace of change requires speed and agility in our decision-making. These are significant challenges. In recent years, our roadmap based on our ‘Mindset for Growth’ has succeeded in accelerating, diversifying and geographically extending the Group’s sales, as well as preparing us for the future. The pillars of our strategic model – the four Essentials based on our historic strengths and four Accelerators aimed at leveraging these to meet consumer needs – continue to define our priorities (see our model below). 

transform & accelerate
transform & accelerate

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Looking forward, we need to continue to take this transformation further to accelerate our growth. In an increasingly volatile context and constantly shifting environment of changing consumer behaviour and intensifying competition, we must continuously adapt and transform to ensure we stay ahead. To this end, our new three-year strategic plan (2018–21) “Transform & Accelerate” focuses on :

2 areas 

- How we can get ‘More from the Core,’ building on our strengths to Accelerate growth, 

- How we can best ‘Prepare the Future,’ innovating to Transform our company. 


21 concrete actions

Not just a slogan, “Transform & Accelerate” is a strategy consisting of 21 concrete actions specific to the four key challenges we must meet to outperform the industry. Our mission of 21 for 2021 will make us better, agile, together, allowing us to go the extra mile on the company’s transformational journey. 


4 challenges 

This strategy will allow us to win in the four battlegrounds we have identified to accelerate our growth: 



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