The Pernod Ricard Mindset : transforming for acceleration

The exceptional commitment of our 19,140 employees, as shown by the latest results of the independent survey I Say, is the key to our success. It is based on the Pernod Ricard Mindset, which can be found in our performance values and our teams' ability to embrace change in an increasingly volatile environment.

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pernod ricard mindset

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The ‘Pernod Ricard Mindset’ is a formidable tool for performance: it is the most visible expression of our culture. It stems from the founding principle of our organisation: decentralisation. By respecting the operational autonomy of our affiliates, to be as close as possible to consumers, we empower our employees to get involved and take the initiative to find new ways to engage with our markets. Through decentralisation, the Pernod Ricard Mindset combines the power of a large group and the agility of a start-up. It is the result of the perfect alchemy of our three cardinal values: an entrepreneurial spirit, mutual trust and a strong sense of ethics. 

A decentralised business model cannot succeed without ingraining an entrepreneurial spirit throughout the organisation. Similarly, initiatives can only be effective if mutual trust exists between affiliates and their employees. This creates the right conditions for ongoing, spontaneous and direct dialogue, one in which our employees are given free rein to develop initiatives based on their experiences and insights. This approach relies on transparency, openness to others and respect for differences. This is what we mean by a strong sense of ethics.’ 

The foundation of our cultural model, these three values are closely linked to a particular attitude: convivialité. The hallmark of the Group, this convivialité is what makes Pernod Ricard so unique. We continuously foster sharing and collaboration. We strive to eliminate silos and to share expertise, foster discussions and streamline procedures. 


of employees believe convivialité is a reality at Pernod Ricard


of employees say the company gives them the right work-life balance


of employees feel autonomous in the work they do

Source: Results of the I Say survey, 2018, Willis Towers Watson.

Shaped by an ambitious human resources policy

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The implementation of the “Transform & Accelerate” strategic plan presents a real challenge. To support the roll-out of this plan, Pernod Ricard has established an ambitious human resources policy that involves all employees. Talent development is one of the four essentials of our business model. For several months now, this policy has focused on transforming organisations, renewing processes and establishing new working methods, always with the goal of instilling the Pernod Ricard Mindset. 

As part of the “TransfoHRm” project, many initiatives have been launched in this area. This comprehensive project first looked at defining a model of leadership that every manager should strive to attain. Managers from the Group representing its various affiliates worked together to establish management principles founded on boldness, a conquering spirit, the ability to adapt and the desire to make the most of diversity. One of our goals is also to show that convivialité is a performance accelerator. Being convivial means collaborating, sharing more freely and having direct and sincere relationships, which leads to greater agility, speed and simplicity. 

In line with the central role that talent development and digital technology play in its business model, the Group has also rolled out Workday, an innovative, comprehensive human resources management software solution. This tool enables all employees, irrespective of role or location, to access and manage all of their personal HR data with a single click. Workday was introduced in record time across almost 80 affiliates, making it the largest-scale rollout of the platform over such a short period. 

Finally, this year saw the launch of our first employee shareholding plan, “Accelerate”. Covering 75% of the Group’s workforce in 18 markets, this plan was a major success, with an overall subscription rate of 42%. The subscription rate was particularly high in certain markets, such as India – with over 75% participation – and China – with almost 50%. 

Cédric Ramat, EVP Human Resources, Sustainability & Responsibility, said, “The huge response from our employees is a testament to their confidence in our ability to generate value over the long term.” 

Our model for success
Our model for success

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